Helping build friendships between the nations


building connections

Thanksgiving in Homes

Connect at Thanksgiving!

Over 70% of international friends who come to study in the US never set foot in an American home, and we want to change that. We are looking for international friends who want to experience the Thanksgiving holiday, and volunteers to host them! Volunteers, please click Volunteers and international students, scholars, alumni, and others please click International Friends to sign up.

Free Furniture and Moving

At Connect The Nations, we want to make sure our international friends have the resources and friends they need to make sure their time in the United States is safe and comfortable. Connect The Nations offers free furniture, delivery, moving assistance, and access to trucks and moving equipment. We believe some of the best connections come doing the simple things together. 

Conversation English Practice

Language Practice

When people are able to speak together, they build friendships that can last a lifetime. We at Connect The Nations are committed to helping make sure our international friends are able to develop their language proficiency in comfortable environments. We are looking for both volunteers who want to help international friends practice English, as well international friends who want more practice. 

our vision

Connect The Nations desires to see people from all nations connected to Jesus. It is our belief that the influence of Jesus causes people to become more intentional, honest, hopeful, loving, and hospitable. We believe these character qualities build stronger, kinder, and more faithful relationships, and we want to help people from all over the world develop these qualities so they can give them to others.

While Jesus may be our key influence, we at Connect The Nations welcome people from all faith backgrounds to utilize any service we offer or attend any event we have. It is our desire for all the international friends we have to have access to whatever and whoever they need to have a safe, comfortable, and fulfilling stay in the United States, no matter if it’s 50 days or 50 years.