Volunteer with Connect The Nations

There are many ways to volunteer with Connect The Nations. Fill out our volunteer form and learn more!

Volunteer Opportunities

Come for a weekly prayer meeting or join the email prayer network! We pray for the needs of the international friends and for the advancement of God’s kingdom in Auburn Hills.

Have an international friend who is in transition between apartments or new to the area and not yet ready to move into their own place, stay with you for a while. Could be as short a time frame as one day, or as long as a month or more. If you are interested in renting a room out long-term, there may be an opportunity for that as well.

Host an event in your home such as a game day, BBQ, craft party, or whatever else you want, organize a trip to Chicago, New York or another fun destination.

Make a new friend and meet periodically to talk with someone. This is an opportunity for the international friends to practice English.

Many international friends wonder what an American family typically has for dinner or what it would be like to have dinner in an American home. Inviting an international friend over 

Provide a ride to the airport to an international friend looking to leave Michigan or to someone arriving!

Provide food, help organize event details, run a craft/game table at the event, help with set up or tear down, or just come and mingle for a while!

Help an international friend find a car to purchase, inspect a vehicle, or provide low cost maintenance on it, for an international friend.

Holidays are a great time to reach out! Have an international friend over for a holiday meal and to join you or your family for the holiday. Christmas and Easter is a great time to invite someone for a meal and to extend an invite to a church service.

Invite an international friend who is interested in learning more about the Scriptures to come and have a Bible Discussion with you on a routine basis.

Help international friends learn about their strengths and unique characteristics! Facilitate (or host and participate) a weekly discussion group for 5 weeks with up to 5 other people to discuss: strengths, as indicated by the Clifton Strengthfinders Assessment ($20 each), ways to make a difference, and volunteering (one time serve) somewhere together. Facilitation materials are already prepared and made available to facilitators.

International friends of various ages may need mentorship. Mentoring someone would include helping them navigate through life and challenges they may be facing, as well as being prepared for the workplace and reinforcing or introducing godly values as their is opportunity.

Come alongside and journey with an international friend who wants to grow more in their understanding of the Christian faith.